Brand DNA, Philosophy and Core Values
Probing Extremely Refined Crafts
AMP provides services and products that not only meet what is expected from out clients but also surmount their expectations from mold design to the injection molding. The stereotype of plastics is overturned since unlimited possibilities of injection molding are firmed with breakthroughs of hardware (equipment) and software (technology).
Using Innovation to Determine Product Value
At AMP we believe that plastic processing is an art form. We are always studying the latest methods of plastic processing and as a result, are always learning about how we can improve our products. This allows us to create original ideas that test the limits of plastics utility.
Start from here, Cutting-edge Breakthroughs
Each piece of R&D is a fruit of both the past experience and the brave, bold and determined R&D crew in pursuit of breakthroughs. AMP believes the true self can be surmounted by ongoing challenges on a daily basis for betterment of self.
Honesty, Sincerity and Loyalty
AMP in pursuit of diligence as cattle believes that there are perfect objectives but no perfect human beings, so characters and traits are valued as well in addition to profession and expertise. A passionate, concentrated and committed expert can eventually bring others richness, confidence and dignity spiritually and materially.